What are Action Items in a Teachers’ Meeting?

By |November 23, 2022|Staff Meetings|

We’ve all been in meetings that seem to end with more questions than answers. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, however; an effective brainstorming session can be a meaningful first step in problem-solving. But what comes next? How do we move forward? This is where identifying, assigning, and following up on [...]

Brainstorming Agenda Template

By |November 7, 2022|Agendas, Staff Meetings|

Brainstorming sessions are an integral part of developing solutions to any number of problems. They are also a great opportunity for new, creative ideas that lead to growth. But as the “storm” part indicates, they can be rather messy! Educators are passionate about their work with students and their families and can have vastly [...]

Meeting Norms for Teachers

By |October 13, 2022|Staff Meetings|

You may have seen one of several memes about how a staff meeting “could have been an email.” Collaborative meetings where the voices of educators are heard are, however, essential to improving learning experiences for students. But what can we do to ensure the participation and productivity of a group that does not [...]

A Sample Agenda for a Teachers’ Meeting

By |October 12, 2022|Staff Meetings|

As an educator, your main focus is teaching generations to come. However, it’s not your only job requirement. Teachers are expected to attend and even hold teacher meetings. This is often a point of stress for educators. Why? Teachers' meetings mean you’ll be collaborating with a group of your peers. To alleviate stress that [...]

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