About Us

Team Agendas is an agenda tool designed for K12 school districts and universities.

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Our Story

In 2010 we created Enriching Students to help a school manage its daily flex period. Now, schools around the country use Enriching Students to support their flexible schedules. Team Agendas started as an idea to help K12 schools manage their PLC team meetings.

Now, Team Agendas is a tool available to both K12 schools and universities, designed to help minimize miscommunication and the things that make school meetings tough to support. Besides being an agenda-building tool, Team Agendas allows schools to
create teams, set up meetings and track notes and minutes, assign tasks, and complete goals. Schools that use Enriching Students can import their staff and students to create a powerful end-to-end system to ensure meeting student needs.

Who Can Use Team Agendas?

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