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Meeting Norms for Teachers


You may have seen one of several memes about how a staff meeting “could have been an email.” Collaborative meetings where the voices of educators are heard are, however, essential to improving learning experiences for students. But what can we do to ensure the participation and productivity of a [...]

Meeting Norms for Teachers2022-10-26T17:12:13+00:00

Collaborating Teachers Can Transform Learning


Most educators would agree that collaborative teaching is effective. Collaboration is, after all, a vital part of communication. We all want to fit in among our peers. When we're little kids wanting to play together on the playground, when we're teens in middle school anxious for the approval of [...]

Collaborating Teachers Can Transform Learning2022-08-17T19:36:13+00:00

Why PLCs are Key to Student Success


Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Why are PLCs important? Is your school a PLC? If you do, what does this look like? More importantly… Does it function well, or is it "just another staff meeting"? Even if your school in particular doesn't "have PLCs" likely you’ve heard of them. Professional [...]

Why PLCs are Key to Student Success2022-08-17T19:29:06+00:00
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